"Total satisfaction through the quality of our products"

We lead the quality as well as, the innovation and continuous improvement of our processes. Continuous demand in a competitive environment encourages us to become better and evolve in our schemes.

"More than 50 years providing manufacturing solutions"

Rusave provides manufacturing solutions for different sectors such as: electrical connections, bathroom accessories, water heaters, locks and handles, air conditioners and faucets in general.

We provide the best solution to your manufacturing projects

Maquinados Especializados Rusave is a maquiladora company founded by Mexicans. We belong to the metal-mechanical industry and we are dedicated to the elaboration of specialized components. 

Anything You Need

From design to packaging. From part plans or models, tooling, production and even the packaged part..


Th We have developed and acquired our own technology, this allows us to offer our customers a wide range of products and develop those they require.

We assist our clients by offering consulting if necessary to make quality bets, production and resource management decisions.

We have our own technology and creative human talent which allows us to offer specific solutions to the requirements of our clients and monitor processes.


How We Can Help You?

We want to be a competitive and competitive supplier of metal-mechanical assembly plants, providing added value to our clients and employees, seeking to improve products and processes to achieve total satisfaction for our clients.

We are here to solve your problem and delivery your needs



From design to packaging. From part plans or models, tooling, production and even the packaged part..


Parts Design

From our own models we can make new proposals, applying new technologies to achieve cost reduction.​



Schedule of unique runs, monthly, annual schedules, Which we deliver in your assembly line.



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